Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB


PAVIROCK TPF/TGT/TGB is suitable for the repairs of worn roads with bituminous pavements, to prevent the reflection of fractures in underlying layers to the superficial layer which is under repair. Its application can expand road life up to 2 to 4 times with respect to a non-reinforced operation. Therefore its application has a favourable cost-to-benefit ratio for the road management company.

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Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB
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Woven polyester/glass geogrid associated with a light geotextile.

Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB


The product is available in two versions characterized by 50/50 kN/m and 100/100 isotropic tensile strength.


PAVIROCK TPF/TGT/TGB is used to reinforce bituminous pavements, because of its elastic high module and of its suitability to stick to the bituminous conglomerate.