-- Geosynthetics Functions --


High-performing geosynthetics designed to improve the mechanical properties of soil or other building materials.

Megamat Megamat

Rampant 100% polypropylene geomat with a high voids ratio potentially reinforced with a woven PVC coated polyester geogrid.

Pavirock B Pavirock B

Black tape woven polypropylene geotextile.

Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB

Woven polyester/glass geogrid associated with a light geotextile.

Pavirock TPV Pavirock TPV

Woven polyester geogrid with PVC coating.

Stratum Stratum

Multicoloured polypropylene non-woven needle-punched geotextile.