-- Geosynthetics Applications --


Geosynthetics for the construction of roads and other traffic-related areas.

Geotex R/Geotex RC Geotex R/Geotex RC

White non-woven needle-punched polyester geotextile.

Pavidrain Pavidrain

Draining geocomposite composed of a three-dimensional polypropylene geomat combined on both sides with a non-woven polypropylene geotextile.

Pavigrid Pavigrid

Draining geocomposite composed of a HDPE rhomboid mesh geogrid combined with one or two polypropylene filtering geotextiles and one polyolefin film.

Pavirock B Pavirock B

Black tape woven polypropylene geotextile.

Pavirock M Pavirock M

Woven monofilament polyethylene geotextile.

Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB Pavirock TPF/TGT/TGB

Woven polyester/glass geogrid associated with a light geotextile.

Pavirock TPV Pavirock TPV

Woven polyester geogrid with PVC coating.

Sta.So. Sta.So. Biodegradable staple for geomats and biomats anchoring.
Stratum T Stratum T

Multicoloured polypropylene non-woven needle-punched and thermo-welded geotextile.

Tecnogeo F Tecnogeo F

White non-woven needle-punched high-tenacity polypropylene geotextile.

Tecnogeo TP Tecnogeo TP

White non-woven needle-punched thermo-welded high-tenacity polypropylene geotextile.