The functions of Pavitex geosynthetics

The UNI EN ISO 10318 regulation determines 5 main functions for geosynthetics, which have been reported in the table below.
The most suitable product can be chosen depending on the specific function required.

Geosynthetics designed to prevent mutual contamination of adjoining soils with different characteristics or of other filling materials.

Geosynthetics designed to retain soil or other particles subject to hydrodynamic forces, but to grant the passage of fluids.

Geosynthetics designed to prevent or limit local damages on waterproofing membranes.

High-performing geosynthetics designed to improve the mechanical properties of soil or other building materials.

Geosynthetics designed to collect and transport meteoric and stratum waters and/or other fluids into the plain.

Gepsynthetics designed to prevent or limit the movement of superficial soil layers on slopes.